If an electric vehicle is on your mind, you’ll want to see if your home is ready to fuel up your energy-saving solution. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or house in Greater Victoria, you’ll need to find a way to charge up your EV at home. For qualifying addresses, there might be a way to get a rebate of up to $350 for the purchase and installation of a home-based electric vehicle (EV) charger through British Columbia’s EV charger rebate program. Apartments/condos and workplaces are eligible for significantly higher rebates. You’ll need an EV Ready Plan – and at Titan Electric, we can help with that.

Electric Vehicles - Victoria BCWith new funding recently approved and applications accepted as of April 21st, 2021, this clean energy rebate program is offered by the government of BC and FortisBC to encourage single-family homes, apartment buildings, and workplaces to “go electric” via electric vehicles.

Specifically, this EV Ready Plan provides a minimum of one EV-Ready parking space per eligible residential unit. This guarantees that multi-use residential buildings can be “future-proofed” for all existing and future residents by giving access to EV charging at their parking space. While the program is available to locations throughout BC, Titan Electric is available to help you create your EV Ready Plan for addresses within Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island.

In this post, we’re providing an overview of the benefits of going electric, how to know if you are eligible, and how Titan Electric is here to help your application turn into a reality.

We have the team, the time, and the technology to help homeowners and strata councils develop a plan to buy and install chargers to prepare the electrical future. 

Jason Myers

Owner/Operator , Titan Electric Ltd.

What Are the Benefits of Switching to Electric?

A while ago, we shared some things to know about buying an electric vehicle in Victoria, and CleanBC offers some good points, too.

The perks include:

  • Saving on annual car maintenance due to electric cars having fewer moving parts compared to traditional vehicles
  • Saving on fuel, which, on average, yields $1800 in savings for British Columbians who make the switch
  • Ease of use due to an ever-growing number of provincial charging stations
  • The ability to use the HOV lane thanks to an electric car-specific permit granted alongside ownership (great for when you accidentally get in the wrong lane when you’re off the island)
  • Knowing that you are doing your part to combat climate change

…And, of course, federal rebates to save up to $8000 on your purchase.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements of British Columbia’s EV Charger Rebate Program?

Your plan must meet the program’s requirements to be eligible for British Columbia’s EV charger rebate program. This plan is recommended to be crafted by a licensed electrical contractor, such as Titan Electric, or a registered professional electrical engineer to ensure adherence to the program’s guidelines.

Your licensed electrical contractor or registered professional electrical engineer will prepare the following elements of your application ahead of submission:

  • All relevant property and company details
    • The date the EV plan was prepared
    • The building address, as well as if it is a strata or a rental building
    • The name and contact information of who the plan was crafted for
    • The electronic signature of the plan’s author
    • The strata and/or contact information for the building in question
    • The number of residential units in the building
    • The number of visitor parking stalls and the number of parking stalls to be made EV-ready
  • An electrical capacity assessment
    • Determining the existing electrical main service size, the existing peak demand of the main service, the spare capacity before the EVSE installation, the potential EVSE load based on the recommended number of EVSE’s per circuit, and the spare capacity after EVSE installation
    • A clear statement if a service upgrade is required or confirmation if the existing service is sufficient
  • A charging performance assessment
    • An explanation of how the charging performance was assessed, including the distance travelled by the vehicles in question, the climate, the surrounding topography, the household sizes, the vehicle sizes, and the charging rates and times per vehicle.

Before conducting the assessment, your licensed electrical contractor or registered professional electrical engineer will make recommendations on how your parking space can be made EV-ready.

Titan Electric Is Here to Help

Titan Electric is here to help you determine your eligibility for British Columbia’s EV charger rebate program and turn your application into a reality.

Founded in 2007, our small team of professionals has built a reputation for helping homeowners and local businesses with their electrical needs. From Sooke to Sidney, we provide full-service assistance at a reasonable price and fast turnaround time. Our motto is No Job Too Small for a Service Call

Contact us today to save big via BC’s EV rebate plan.

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