Residential Wiring

Trust your home’s electrical wiring to the professionals. We can install wiring in new homes or upgrade existing wiring.

Commercial Wiring

Commercial buildings can have very specific electrical wiring needs and we’re prepared to meet those needs for large or small buildings.

Home Ventilation

We can replace existing bath fans or install new fans to meet the current building code requirements. We’ve also replaced or installed heat pumps and furnaces.

Electrical Distribution/Services

Need more power in your home to run electronics, appliances and more? We can upgrade your existing electric service to 200 amps, 400 amps and 600 amps. We also provide temporary construction services and can install meters for rental suites or sub services and configure meters and electrical rooms.

New Construction

We work with homeowners and general contractors to provide full new construction electrical services and offer comprehensive lighting design consultations to meet lighting needs through a mix of style and function.

Commercial and Residential Lighting

We specialize in lighting layout design, including LED lighting, recessed lighting, street lighting and combination lighting fixtures/ceiling fans.

Assistance with Insurance Claims

We work with restoration companies to restore wiring after flooding, fires or drug seizures, providing both emergency services and estimates on rebuilds.

Home Automation & Integration

We can connect all of your devices to work the way you live. Sound systems that follow you around your home. Lighting systems that you can control from your home. And more.

Data Networking and Communications

Homeowners and commercial building owners have a growing desire for smart panels to control heating, cooling, lighting and more. We’ve installed smart panels, as well as completed standard house wiring and home and office networking.


Electric In-Floor heating

We are installation specialists and can add up to a 25-year warranty to your in-floor heating. We are also repair specialists, and can locate faults and breaks under your existing flooring and, in most cases repair the break. We can map out an existing floor if you plan to cut or drill though it, and we can loadtest a mat or cable-set before covering the floor to make sure it is in working order before covering it up.

Renovations / Electrical Code Upgrades

From replacing a plug or switch to a full renovation and everything in between, we can do it all! Unsure of the electrical safety in your home or office? Call us for an inspection and an estimate to satisfy you and the Canadian Electrical Code.

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