If you have questions about your electrical service panel in Greater Victoria, you’re in luck: that’s the focus of today’s “Get Connected” blog.

We had a quick chat with Jason, the founder of Titan Electric Ltd., and this is what he has to say on the subject:

What Are Service Panels?

Service panels are the central distribution points that connect service wires or service drops (main wires coming from the exterior of a home) to the exit wires, which branch off and service different parts of your house or apartment.

Are 200 amps Enough For Your Service Panels? Do You Need More Than 100 amps For Your Home?

Jason: “That’s a great question, as I get asked that a lot. There are many factors involved in determining if 200 amps (or, more generally, more than 100 amps) is enough for your service panels.

“These factors include house size, heating and cooling loads, and any future equipment which may need more power. We here at Titan Electric Ltd. can do a simple evaluation and load calculation as per the Canadian Electrical Code to answer that question effectively. So the short answer is, it depends on each home and homeowner’s needs.”

How Long Does It Take to Upgrade a Service Panel?

Jason: “It’s usually a whole-day event. For example, for a recent upgrade we did in Saanich, my team coordinated a day with both the homeowners and BC Hydro where the power was disconnected in the morning and we worked until power was back on and ready that night. Most of the time, the power is off around 8:00AM and is back on by 3:00PM.”

Does BC Hydro Do the Service Panel Upgrade?

Jason: “Yes, BC Hydro does upgrade the wires from the pole or transformer to the service entrance head (for overhead/aerial services) or the meter base (for underground services).”

What Are the Functional and Financial Benefits of Upgrading a Service Panel?

Jason: “In terms of functional benefits, you get a 200 amp service which is enough power to run a large house with today’s electrical needs. You also get a brand new panel and breakers which use today’s technology to ensure the electrical is safe and breakers trip when they are supposed to. All electrical connections inside the panel are also done fresh which ensures no issues.”

“Financially, it gives the Titan Electric Ltd. team in Victoria a great opportunity to analyze your home and all its connections. Your home in Victoria is a substantial investment, and we want to ensure you’re powersmart and electrically safe.”

Need More Power in Your Home to Run Electronics, Appliances, and More?

The Titan Electric Ltd. team is here to help. Whether it be answering further questions related to upgrading your service panels or going ahead and updating yours to up to 600 amps, we even provide temporary construction services and can install meters for rental suites or sub-services on an as-needed basis. We are here to help you stay connected: from Sidney to Sooke to Duncan, and every home in between.

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